The 'Haven' Outreach Center

Victoria Park, Perth, Western Australia

The residents of the houses are currently renovating a center in the Victoria Park area dedicated to the supporting the disadvantaged. This will take place in the form of feeding facilities, counselling opportunities and a gateway program to provide the disadvantaged with access to further rehabilitation or support programs.

Outreach to South Africa

Kokstad, KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa


What happened?

From the houses a total of 4 young men joined a team that flew to South Africa to offer support to local organisations.

The team settled in the town of Kokstad and later to the town of Mt. Ayliff providing support to the local outreach and infrastructure.

Visiting several schools and assisting in the construction of a local church. 

Out & About

Perth, Western Australia, Australia.

Every now and again the team travels far and wide around the Perth Metro area to get a taste of the sights the city has to offer. Whether that be trekking through the Perth Hills or paddling through the Swan, there is no adventure that isn't tackled hand and foot!