Our aim is to educate, encourage and to empower young men to develop life skills training and to gain confidence to lead successful lives within the community

What do we do?

The Bridge Inc. is a charitable non-for-profit organisation that provides residential support services for young men who need assistance in order to recover from substance abuse, homelessness, or personal crisis.  

Crisis comes in many forms, more often than not the answer lies in community support

This doesn't necessarily mean that every participant has life controlling life issues.  Sometimes we just need a helping hand, a shoulder to lean on and a community of brothers to support one another.


Men and women have stepped up to the plate to facilitate the classes including, motor mechanics, cooking, life skills, psychology, theology, literacy and communication.

Seeking to instill values of respect for self and others, to learn diligence, to learn to overcome negative mindsets and to take hold of conflict resolution.

As the men progress through the program and receive greater responsibility, they transition to a stage where they can support newer residents whilst reintegrating with an independent lifestyle.


The program offers:

  • 24 hour support

  • A safe and structured weekly program

  • Drug and alcohol free environment

  • Personal evaluation and development

  • Reconciliation of relationship with family members

  • Counselling and mentoring

  • Life-skills training and goal setting

  • Leadership training and development

  • Employment Support and Opportunities

  • Independent Living Classes

The goal

Going back and giving back...

The aim of the program is have the participants who have finished to return to independent living whilst maintaining a strong sense of community and support that they learnt whilst they were residents. This community, rooted in combined values and goals seeks to accept and build the lives of young men

To support and lead their families in manner that grows their loved ones just as they were grown alongside their brothers in the program.

To date the program has successfully influenced and supported the lives of 76 young men whom have passed through the residential house program.